In brief laymans terms what we offer is a VPN connection to servers based in various countries so that when you are connected to one of them, your device will appear to be within that country. This rather interesting technology has been around for over twenty years but has really only come into its own in the past few years. With faster Internet speeds and an array of online media content, people are now starting to realise its full uses. When you have an account with us, you will be able to watch all British & American Television content (often both live and on demand) at your leisure anyway in the world without the content being blocked as usually would be the case.

The other main use for a VPN is for those in countries with strict internet censorship policies to be able to access the internet freely. This can mean someone in the United Arab Emirates wanting to access a Poker or Bingo website, but this can also mean someone in a western country such as the United Kingdom wanting to access a torrent downloading website without the site being blocked and also with their downloading traffic being hidden from their ISP. The third main reason also is of course PRIVACY… no worries when using your iPad in Starbucks to access banking or sensitive websites on an open WIFI network.

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