You can watch BBC iPlayer in Spain if you have a VPN account installed on your device, you may have heard of this. Normally if you are in Spain and pull out your British iPhone or iPad, you will see that apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub do not work when outside of the UK. This is something that fortunately be worked around if you have a VPN installed on your device.

A VPN is a smart piece of technology that switches your IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom so that all British TV apps such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4 work abroad.

Sky Television used to be available when in Spain via the Astra Satellite, however this service has now switched the BBC & ITV channels to a different stream, and so it is now very hard to receive this unless you have a 20 foot wide dish.

VPN Technology is generally a very effective way of watching British TV as it allows TV Catch-up and TV Player apps to work outside of the UK when using a VPN.

TV Catchup and TV Player apps are great for streaming live all of the main terrestrial channels from the UK and will work on any device, when connected via a UK VPN.

PRIVATRAX is a popular VPN with expats living abroad as it unblocks both BBC & ITV (unlike many) and is only a few pounds per month (see